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DETAILS B.E. is a testament to FCML’s commitment to our community that we take care of your needs first

DETAILS B.E. is a brand born from FCML’s legacy of passion. It represents our relentless pursuit for customer satisfaction. All the experiences we have gathered in the last 22 years, from serving over 5 million customers, have been poured into the creation of brand DETAILS B.E.

DETAILS B.E. products are globally designed, produced, and sourced. They spell accessible luxury—bridging the gap between high-end and mass-market brands. By filling this gaping hole in our marketplace, DETAILS B.E. is FCML’s commitment to our community that we will always take care of their needs first.

DETAILS B.E. adheres to the FCML promise of quality, aesthetics and service. You can count on our signature innovativeness to be reflected in each product in the collection. Here you will find great attention to design details.

DETAILS B.E. products perfectly conform to our bath and wellness ecosystem. You will be delighted by the depth and breadth of the DETAILS B.E. product line, so that our customers are spoilt for choice.

Here on we take care of the details, so you can JUST BE.

Abhinav Khandelwal, Founder, DETAILS B.E.


A Careful Curation of Exquisite Products from Around the World, that Epitomise Accessible Luxury

It was our dream to create a brand that was entirely functional art — where each product stood out at first sight!

Many years of work later, our dream manifested in DETAILS B.E. — a line of globally designed and manufactured products in colours and details that have not been seen before on our shores.

DETAILS B.E. is accessible luxury. We have created a new market segment between high-end luxury and high street. The result – more choices, more beauty and customer delight! Every DETAILS B.E. product is built to last and perfectly suits our ecosystem.

DETAILS B.E. conforms to the FCML promise of quality, aesthetics and relentless after-sales service. Here on, we take care of the details so you can just be.


So You Can Just Be.